Documentation and Meeting Affairs Section



Ching-Ling Chang

1. Taking charge in overall the assigned matters of Documentation and Meeting Affairs Section.
2. Superintending official seals.
3. Drafting and amending related regulations.
4. Proofreading and reexamining official documents.
5. Handling confidential documents.
6. Managing in overall coding, classification, and maintenance of official documents.
7. Managing and accessing the effectiveness and quality of documentation.
8. Taking charge in overall the proposals of board meeting and academic reporting, as well as related administration information coordination.
9. Handling other assigned affairs.

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Senior Specialist 

Hsiu-Jung Ho

1. Official document receiving, assigning, distributing, issuing, and filing.
2. Effectively controlling and tracking the work of official document.
3. Proofreading general documents.
4. Checking faculties’ resignation documents.
5. Managing official documents of archive.
6. Managing archive office.
7. Arranging budget of the section.
8. Registration of official documents.
9. Handling other assigned affairs.

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Senior Specialist

Shih-Wen Hsiao

1. Issuing official documents to other offices.
2. Matters regarding electronic official documents exchanged.
3. Preparing official documents and exchanging monthly report.
4. Managing official document of archive.
5. Managing backup copies of electronic official documents.
6. Registration of electronic official documents.
7. Issuing and managing signets of all departments at CYUT.
8. Managing bulletin board in front of the Administration Building.
9. Handling other assigned affairs.

Tel: 886+4+2332 3000 ext. 3736

Senior Executive Officer 

Zi-Yan Liao

1. Preparing for the administration and academic councils.
2. Preparing for the University council.
3. Collecting and organizing whole school's regulations.
4. Proposing and updating school regulations.
5. Compiling the important events of the Office.
6. Managing official invitations and letters.
7. Handling the e-mails of the Office.
8. Handling other assigned affairs.

Tel: 886+4+2332 3000 ext. 3735